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Acromil is pleased to announce the much anticipated introduction into service of our two (2) new State-of-the Art, Multi-Spindle, 5 Axis, Wide Range Gantries on a 120’ bed.   Launched into service on 07/24/2018 producing titanium Strut Chords in support of Boeing’s 787 Program, these machines are manufacturing highly complex titanium components with unprecedented removal rates and at the same time maintaining tolerance values never before achieved on a multi-spindle titanium gantry. Housed in Acromil’s new 10,000 square foot expansion, this is another exciting step forward in meeting our goal to provide our customers the very best solution for their complex titanium machining requirements. It is this commitment to the growth and improvement of Acromil’s capabilities that has aided us in more than doubling our capacity since 2015.






Complex Titanium Frames being machined for the B787
Bird's eye view of Acromil's 10,000 square foot expansion.


Our recent improvements also include the modernization and upgrading of Acromil’s nearly 20,000 square feet of office space, which encompasses operations, engineering, administrative and management personnel.




CAD illustration of the shop floor with assets added in 2016-2018 color coded:



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