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September 2018 – BTL Acquisition


CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA.-(BUSINESSWIRE)-August 31, 2018-Acromil, LLC has acquired the assets and business operations of BTL Machine, Inc., located approximately  30 miles from Acromil's City of Industry facility.  BTL with approximately 70 employees, has been servicing the Aerospace Industry for over 20 years specializing in CNC machining of Structural Airframe Components for Commercial and Military applications.  It's 80,000 sq.ft modern building in Corona California, houses a diverse compliment of capabilities that includes 39 spindles for 3, 4 and 5 Axis milling of all aerospace materials on multi-spindle long beds as well as precision single spindle work centers.  In addition, BTL utilizes cutting edge CNC programming and tool design concepts combined with lean manufacturing solutions to produce top quality products.

David K. Nguyen, Acromil's President, said, "The addition of the assets from BTL will be a great fit for Acromil, providing additional capacity to serve our growing  work statement."






JULY 2018 – Completion of 1st 777X Thrust Reverser Beam


Dr. Gerald Niznick, owner and Chairman of Acromil LLC stands with a finish machined 777X, Thrust Reverser Hinge Beam.  A critical component within the Thrust Reverser System on Boeings new 777X Wide Body Aircraft, the Hinge Beam is widely acknowledged as one of the most complex machined aluminum parts ever produced in the Aerospace Industry.  Acromil is honored to have successfully manufactured the very first beam components designated for flight.


March 2018 – Completion of new State of the Art Assembly Department



Continuing our aggressive growth and company improvement initiative, Acromil has just completed a brand new State Of The Art assembly department.  Utilizing the very latest technologies in lighting, as well as sustained temperature and environmental controls, this new facility is engineered for highly efficient, fail safe process flow on projects from simple bushing and bracket installation to the most complex major assemblies.



November -2017 Acromil awarded sniper adapter contract



Adding to our growing list of unique work statements, Acromil was recently awarded a contract to produce the highly complex sniper pod adapter for the F-18 Advanced Targeting Sniper Pod. This system is the latest technology providing target identification, tracking, and precise weapons guidance from extended ranges.



September 2017 – Acromil completes 10,000 square foot building addition.



As part of Acromil’s planned growth strategy, we have just completed a 10,000 square foot addition to accommodate the installation of our two (2) new wide range, high performance, multi- spindle gantries.  With the foundations already in place, Acromil has already begun installation of the gantries with completion expected early in February and April 2018.  Once completed, this will add over 35,000 hours of additional capacity annually. 



September 2017 - 777X Hinge and Latch beam Contract.



Adding to our growing list of awards for Boeing’s new 777X, Acromil was recently awarded a contract to manufacture Thrust Reverser Hinge and Latch Beam assemblies.  These assemblies are a crucial component of the Engine Nacelles on the new  777X , housing the new GE9X engines that features the largest fan built by GE.  As a highly sophisticated project requiring an advanced skill set, and the knowledgeable, experienced leadership to manage the exacting processes and procedures, this award represents Acromil’s next step in our evolution into a major assembly provider to the Aerospace Industry.



November 2016 – Acromil adds three (3) multi-spindle, 3 axis hard metal machining centers



To enhance our competitive position, Acromil has added 3 multi-spindle hard metal work centers specifically to complement our 5 axis machining cells as well as opening up valuable capacity for additional opportunities.




August 2016 – Acromil purchases new Precision Horizontal Machining Center



Acromil has purchased a new Mitsui Seki Hu100 5X Horizontal Machining Center.  Acknowledged as one of the most technologically advanced hard metal machining centers on the market today, the Hu 100 is recognized for unparalleled performance in the machining of complex titanium components.  With torque values of almost 2000 ft. lbs. and removal rates of up to 30 cubic inches per minute, the Hu 100 is helping Acromil offer our customers the highest quality at the most competitive pricing in our history.



June 2016 Press Release





June 2016 – Acromil to participate on Boeing 777X program



Acromil has won several contracts to manufacture parts for the 777X.   Slated to enter service in 2019, the 777X is the latest addition to the Boeing twin aisle family of aircraft and will accommodate up to 407 passengers in a 10 abreast seat configuration.  With the combination of new engines and wider composite wings with folding wing tips, the 777X is expected to have a fuel efficiency gain of 12 to 13% over the current generation configuration.



November 2015 – Acromil takes delivery of new Horizontal Boring Mill (HBM)


The addition of the latest technology from Giddings & Lewis with the RT1250 Precision Boring Mill with its’ rigid construction and linear scales gives Acromil the ability to manage very close tolerances on critical parts in both hard metals and aluminum.  This capability allows Acromil to more effectively manage cost and quality on parts with close tolerance holes and hole patterns.



June 2015 – Acromil purchases two (2) Anca CNC Tool Grinders.



Acromil has taken a step forward with the purchase of two (2) Anca CNC Tool Grinders.  Having historically purchased all our cutting tools and re-grinding services on the outside, Acromil is now able to manufacture virtually all of our own cutting tools internally, giving us the ability to more effectively control costs and have immediate availability of tools when necessary.



April 2015 – Acromil Introduces New Logo and Website



Acromil’s new logo signifies the introduction of the new Acromil, with a commitment to a progressive growth and improvement initiative that will bring the company to the forefront of the industry.  With the addition of several new work centers, boasting the latest technology the industry has to offer, Acromil is establishing itself as a world class supplier of complex parts and assemblies in support of both the Commercial and Military aerospace industries. 



May 2013 – Acromil to Participate on Boeing 787 Program




Acromil will be manufacturing parts for the Boeing 787 aircraft.  The 787 Dreamliner is a long-range, mid-size wide-body, twin-engine jet airliner. Its variants seat 210 to 330 passengers. Boeing states that it is the company's most fuel-efficient airliner and the world's first major airliner to use composite materials as the primary material in the construction of its airframe.  The 787 has been designed to be 20% more fuel efficient than the 767 it is to replace.



April 2013 – Acromil Purchases Cincinnati 3-Spindle


Acromil purchased a small used three-spindle machine from one of its competitors.  The purchase was fortunate for Acromil as there was a growing need for multi-spindle capacity on smaller-sized harder metal parts.  The machine is a 3-axis workhorse and is machining both titanium and steel parts.




February 2013 – Acromil to Participate on Embraer KC-390 Program




Acromil will be manufacturing parts and assemblies for the Embraer KC-390 aircraft.  The KC-390 is a medium-size, twin-engine jet-powered military transport aircraft currently under development by Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer.  It is able to perform aerial refueling, transport cargo and troops, and to receive fuel in-flight.  It will be the heaviest aircraft that Embraer has made, and will be able to transport up to 23 tons of cargo, including wheeled armored vehicles.




August 2012 – Acromil Broadens Participation on Gulfstream G650 Program



Acromil is broadening the number of parts that it manufactures on the Gulfstream G650.  The G650 is a twin-engine business jet airplane.  The G650 is the company's largest and fastest business jet with a top speed of Mach 0.925.




July 2012 – Acromil Takes Delivery of New SNK RB-200F



Acromil now has a second SNK RB-200F on its shop floor.  The 6-axis, 6,000 RPM machine is excellent for finishing titanium and particularly important for many of the monolithic parts Acromil manufactures.  The machine can work on sizeable parts with its x-axis of 160” and y-axis of 100”.  It also has a z-axis and w-axis that work together to allow up to 56’ under the spindle.




February 2012 – Acromil to Participate on Airbus A350 Program



Acromil will be manufacturing parts and assemblies for the Airbus A350 Program.  The A350 a long-range, two-engined wide-body jet airliner. The A350 is the first Airbus with both fuselage and wing structures made primarily of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer.  It can carry 250 to 350 passengers in a typical three-class seating layout, or maximum seating of 440 to 550 passengers, depending on variant.  Airbus stated that it will be more fuel-efficient and have operating costs up to 8% lower than the competing aircraft



February 2012 – Acromil Sets Up New Assembly Area



Acromil positions itself as not only a parts manufacturer, but now moves up the value stream with the establishment of a 5,000 square foot assembly department.  As our customers continue to seek turnkey solutions that represent best value, Acromil has brought together a knowledgeable management organization and a highly skilled team of assembly technicians with the ability to manage and carry out complex assembly and kitting operations. Combined with our versatile machining capabilities, our customers are quickly realizing the benefits of having Acromil provide complete assemblies that can be delivered directly to their final assembly line.




January 2012 – Acromil Takes Delivery of a New Handtmann PBZ HD600



Acromil now has a new Handtmann PBZ HD600 up and running for its longer and thinner parts.  The machine is 5-axis and runs at 30,000 with 255” in the x-axis and 23”in the y-axis.  The machine is already proving to be a phenomenal acquisition for a one-piece flow while maintaining significantly reduced runs times.

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