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Jerry Niznick
Chairman Of The Board





     David K. Nguyen


Message from the Chairman:


Acromil has been providing machined parts and assemblies to the international aerospace and defense industries for over 50 years. When I took ownership of Acromil at the end of 2002, the aerospace industry was still recovering from the aftermath of the tragic events 9/11. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of watching this company move steadily towards our goal of being a World Class supplier of complex parts and assemblies to the major OEM’s.

Our mission is to achieve total customer satisfaction. Acromil is committed to aggressive growth, with strategic investments in facility expansion, machine tools and inspection equipment to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge and ready to meet our customers ‘current and future requirements. This commitment of both human and financial resources has been rewarded by our customers’ faith in our ability to perform at a very demanding level.


Gerald Niznick





Message from the President:


I am honored and privileged to be the  President of Acromil LLC.  At the beginning of 2015, I was part of a management team recruited into Acromil to help realize Acromil’s full potential and secure its position as a world class supplier of complex parts and assemblies to the Aerospace industry.


Today, I am pleased to say Acromil is realizing that potential, with robust and much improved manufacturing processes, a new quality management system, a fully engaged MRP system and some of the newest, most technologically advanced machining platforms available.    Our customers see the difference, with on time delivery, exceptional quality and competitive pricing.  As a result, Acromil has been rewarded with exciting new work statements on the Airbus A350, the Boeing 737MAX and 777X, as well as the Lockheed Martins F35.While we have achieved a great deal, Acromil continues to extends its goals in furtherance of the commitment to our customers, our community and perhaps most importantly, ourselves. 


We recognize that to be successful in our ever-expanding global marketplace, we cannot stagnate.  Acromil is continuing to make the investments in the state-of-the art equipment and resources necessary to gain prominence in this highly competitive world marketplace. We must constantly challenge ourselves to find the best solutions for our customers, to continuously improve and grow, and with the support of a determined staff that I believe is among the most talented in the industry, I am confident that we will be steadfast in meeting the challenges before us.


We will continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in all areas, because we will accept nothing less.


David K. Nguyen


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